How to Get the Best from Your Rowing Machine Workouts and Enjoy from It

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Working out and staying in fit is not always easy but with proper techniques and exercises, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best results. That is why if you are aiming for greatness, you need to use a rowing machine. But how to get the best from your rowing machine without too much effort is always the question on everyone’s mind. Perhaps they are hesitant to use it since they don’t know how but if you already have an idea how rowers work then this should be easy on you. However, we all want the best in terms of exercising so in this article we will talk about how you can maximize your workout sessions with rowing machines and benefit from them. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have fun while exercising, so make sure that you remember these tips.

How to Get the Best from Your Rowing Machine Workouts and Enjoy from It

Working out like a Pro

In order for you to get the best workout you need to make sure that you start it right. Knowing the different positions that you can do when using a rower can definitely make a difference. Here’s how:

  • Begin by making sure that your feet are securely strapped in. This will make sure that your feet don’t fall off as you are sliding. Make sure that they are tight enough too so you can focus on your movements.
  • Grab the handlebars and grip them firmly. Make sure that your wrists are parallel with your arms so it will be easy to extend them outwards and towards your foot area.
  • As you slide down towards your feet, make sure that your legs are vertical. Lean slightly forward at your hips the moment you start rowing.

There are four phases that you should be aware of when you are rowing. You have the drive position, catching position, recovering and finishing positions. Here’s how to do them:

Drive Position

To do the driving position, all you have to do is to lean forward as you begin pushing both of your legs to extend and slide your body. You will focus more of your energy on your legs then towards your arms and hands as you go along. Make sure that you are gripping those handles well too. Tightening your core as you go is also a good way to go so your back is not strained. As you slide, make sure that your legs are fully extended but not fully straightened out. Keep your knees bended slightly and avoid locking them together. Always lean backwards with your shoulders straight.

Finishing Position

Once your legs are extended, lean slightly backwards. Bend your arms and elbows as you pull the row handles towards your abdomen. A burning sensation in your arms may be felt during this position but this is normal. Make sure to keep your legs extended as you lean back. Make sure also that you lean back with your hips and not your shoulders. This is a good position to focus the exercise on your abdomen.

Recovering Position

This position is your transition from the finishing position. This is done by straightening your arms and extending them forward as you push the handles back from the starting point. This is also the part where you will be resetting the motion for your next repetition. Next, tilt forward at the hip area. Make sure to lean a bit forward too. This is the part where you will be extending yourself and is a good time to adjust your position to the machine so it can follow or fit your height. Slowly bend your knees as your arms extended and as your upper body is leaning towards the rower. Make sure to move forward just as you in the same position as you have started.

Catch Position

During this position, you will be starting your next stroke. This position will also be starting position as you begin to repeat your next round. To do this, you need to extend your arms and keep your wrists and hands straight. Slide forward until your legs are almost vertical then tilt your body at the hip part. Slightly lean forward and be ready for your next drive. This is now a complete and full repetition; all you have to do is keep doing this until you are able to catch your pace.

So you see, working out on the rower is very easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated too; you just have to enjoy it. How to get the best from your rowing machine is easy and can be done accordingly. You can also watch video tutorials on different strokes, this way you can expand your workout sessions and get better results.



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