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What are the Benefits of Using a Rower and How Does it Help You

Rowing machines are pretty popular these days and if you have decided to join the bandwagon then you have made a good decision! Now if you are wondering what are the benefits of using a rower then let this article shed a light on that. If you want to know what they are then all you have to do is read this article, check it out!

Ready for Rowers

There are times when choosing an exercise program can be overwhelming especially if you have just started. However, it is still important to get in shape, right? So whether you like it or not, you need to pick an exercise routine that can do well for your body. If you have no idea what to choose, why not try using a rower? Rowing machines are great as they provide low impact exercises and can be done by anyone. Why you ask? It is because rowing machines simply copy the motion of a real rowing boat which makes it great equipment for total body workout. If you are aiming to lose weight or tone your body then this is a wonderful exercise equipment to use.

The Top Benefits of Rowing Machines

  1. It’s a great low-impact cardio exercise. If you have joint problems then you know that engaging in high-impact exercises is not the way to go but that doesn’t mean you can’t do any exercise at all. With a rowing machine, you can certainly do a low-impact exercise which is less painful to the joints.
  2. It’s a good workout for your upper body. With a rowing machine, muscles in your upper-body are utilized well. This is because it targets all the major muscles in your upper-body especially on the shoulders and upper back. With regular use, these muscles will be developed well and at the same time helps in reducing back pain. It also is great workout equipment for your pecs, abs and biceps while developing a stronger core muscle.
  3. It also benefits your lower body. Rowing machines help in developing the muscles in your thighs, calves and glutes. Now if you are after a toned body, this machine can develop those muscles and help you get a toner body in the long run.
  4. It helps you lose weight. With regular workout sessions, rowers can help you burn calories and increase your energy. An hour spent in the rowing machine can help burn 600 calories at least. Combine this with a healthy diet and lifestyle and you are on the road to a healthier weight.
  5. It helps in increasing your endurance. If you feel stressed or fatigued then rowing can help increase your stamina. It may be exhausting at first but the longer you use it, the more your body adjusts to it. Since it is an excellent cardio exercise, it does not only strengthen your heart but also helps in boosting your metabolism. This means you get more energy to do more.

Rowers are also easy to use. It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to row. In fact, if you have a good teacher or trainer to help you with rowing, you can easily learn it within 5 minutes! Rowers are also affordable and come with different types so you can choose the ones that will work for you. They can be cleaned easily and you can just store them away if you are not using them. They don’t take a lot of space in your home too so anyone can own a rower at home. Not only that, using a rowing machine is quite fun; you don’t have to dread the thought of it. Just ask those who have tried and enjoyed it and they will tell you that you won’t regretting buying one!

Before buying a rowing machine, make sure that you compare different rowers. This way you have options to choose from. Make sure to buy one from a trusted company too and always ensure your warranty as well. This way you have something to claim in case you need replacements for parts or frame.

So yes, using a rowing machine for exercise is an excellent choice. All you have to do is to enjoy every moment of it and if your goal is to stay fit then this is an awesome way to go. Go ahead and check out rowing machines today and see what are the benefits of using a rower can do for your body, enjoy!


Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Magnetic rowers are great as they provide smooth rowing experience. In case you are looking for a good brand of rowing machines with magnetic resistance then this Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine review will give you an insight on one of the best products in terms of exercising equipment today. Read more of the Stamina Avari in this article.

One of the most impressive rowing machines we’ve had the chance to see is the Stamina Avari. If you love intense workout sessions then this machine is the best way to go and spend your money with. In fact, it’s a very powerful rower that a lot of users have recommended it. It’s not only designed for your comfort but also to make your rowing experience as close as it can get to the real thing.

The Good Stuff

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine ReviewSo how effective is the Stamina Avari? The parts of this machine is designed and assembled upon delivery, this means that you don’t have to worry about assembling this machine on your own. However, there are some parts that need to be installed too like the front stand of the rower, the rails and its rowing mechanism but it’s not too tedious to do so you can say that it is easy to install. The maximum weight of this rower is around 275 lbs. so you can bet that anyone within this range of weight limit can use the rower. The seats are padded so you can do your sessions comfortably. The handgrips are padded well so you don’t have to worry about forming callouses on your hand. Other features of this rower are:

  • The LCD made by In-Touch Fitness Monitor is large and well-lit so even if you are doing your rows in a dim-lighted room, you can easily see the display. The display monitor shows your strokes per minute, power used and the heart rate so you can see how much you have progressed.
  • The Stamina Avari has built-in programs of 12 options so you can choose which program will work for you.
  • The control panel of this machine is easy to use. You don’t have to worry about operating this machine at all.
  • You can also choose the customized programs set on the machine.
  • The footplates are designed to make sure that your feet are secured while rowing.
  • A chest strap is also added to help monitor your heart rate.
  • Among the 12 options to choose from include: Manual mode, RollingHills mode, Fat Burn, Ramp, Interval and Mountain mode. There is also the Target Heart Rate mode and four user modes. The workout data includes a lot of choices to select from like pulse, distance, count, watt, calories, strokes per minute and time.

The Stamina Avari is designed with four custom user programs and six cardio programs that you can choose from. It also has one heart rate program and one manual program that the user can use. Basically, this rower can help you with whatever exercise you would like to do. With the 7 preset programs to choose from, you can have uninterrupted workout for your cardio without worries.

Advantages of the Stamina Avari:

  • There are plenty of built-in programs to choose from.
  • It’s easy to smooth and operate.
  • The frame is made with durable materials so you know for a fact that it can last for a long time.
  • The LCD display is lighted well so you have no problems looking at the console.
  • The monitor works well.
  • It can be easily assembled.
  • A chest strap is included in the machine.
  • It folds well and easily stored away after use.

Disadvantages of Stamina Avari:

  • The seats could use more pads so you can sit a bit more comfortable.
  • The warranty is limited only.
  • The rower is not for someone who is 6 feet and above.
  • It’s not as smooth as other rowers but workable.

Final Say

For something that is made with magnetic resistance, this machine works well. In fact, it’s pretty solid too not only that, this machine is made by a company that is known for their quality rowers and exercise equipment so you can say that this is an excellent piece of machine to have. It also mimics the actual feeling of real life rowers so you can say that this is the rower that can give you that. The machine is also packed with 12 programs to choose from so you know that this feature is not something you can easily ignore. Sure the seat may need a bit of padding but give it some time and you will adjust to it. Other than that, this rowing machine works perfectly fine. If you want something that is worth every penny then this Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine review is the best deal that you can find today. So choose wisely and make sure that you did your homework before purchasing any rowing machine. Good and enjoy shopping!