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Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower Review

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower Review

Are you looking for a challenge in your usual workout routine? Are you eager to learn how to row? If you are then this is the moment you have been waiting for! Now wouldn’t it be nice to work on a rower and a recumbent bike at the same time? The long wait is over as you will be enjoying our Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower review. This wonderful exercise equipment will surely give you the best workout experience yet and if you are interested to know what the Stamina Conversion II is all about then all you have to do is read this article, check it out!

Overview of the Stamina Conversion II

The rowing machine you have been waiting for is here. If you are looking for an all-around and complete exercising equipment then you got it right with the Stamina Conversion II. This is because it works like a recumbent bike and a rowing machine at the same time which makes this wonderful equipment an excellent tool for those who are looking for a full body workout. To know more about this machine, here’s what makes it a great product:

  • It is designed as a combination of a recumbent bike and rowing machine which means you can use this as a bike or as a rower. It also allows you to use the exercise pulley when targeting other muscle groups in your body.
  • The steel is made with aluminum which makes the rower reliable when you are doing intense workouts.
  • The LCD display is designed to show the progress of your workout. This display also keeps track of your speed, time, and calories burned while exercising. It also features pulse sensors in the handlebars that can monitor your pulse and heart rates while exercising.
  • There are 8 levels of resistance that you can choose from so you can go according to your pace.
  • The design is made to be foldable so you can fold and transport this machine after use for easy storing.
  • It can hold about 250 pounds of weight capacity so anyone who is around this weight range can easily use this machine.

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower Review

The Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower is an excellent choice for those who are practical when it comes to exercising equipment. It is a great way to spend money too as you get a bike and rower all in one. This is because it is a magnetic-resistance rowing machine that makes use of electromagnets to help the machine slow down while spinning. These help when you row or bike on the pulley of the flywheel. The magnets are designed to make this flywheel spin so the higher resistance level is the harder it is for the user to row or bike.

The Stamina brand is known for creating durable frames and with the Stamina Conversion II you are rest assured that the frames are made from heavy-duty steel and aluminum rowing beams. The pedals are also made strong so you can pedal without any problems. The nylon straps are added so it’s easier to pull when you are rowing or training on the bike. All in all, the machine feels and looks solid so even if you are under intense training, this machine can withstand anything.


  • The machine is designed thoughtfully which makes it very unique among other rowers.
  • It provides two types of exercises in one frame which is also a practical choice for those who are looking for diversity in their workouts.
  • The magnetic resistance mechanism of this rower is pretty quiet compared to other types of rowers.
  • The machine is very easy to use.
  • The LCD display is large enough to show all of your activity and track the progress of your exercises.
  • It can fold easily and can be stored away without any problems.
  • It has 8 resistance levels that you can choose from.
  • The caster wheels make the machine easy to move around.
  • The machine opens easily after it is switched on.


  • The fabric strap of the rower can break over time. Make sure to contact the company where you bought the machine for replacement.
  • The seat could have been padded a bit fuller.
  • The machine weighs around 100 pounds which is pretty heavy for a rower.
  • The warranty given is only for a short period of time for something that is expensive.
  • It’s a bit pricey compared to other rowers.
  • It could have been designed to work even better.

So all in all, this is an easy choice as it provides two options for the user however, if you don’t like to drag a heavy machine then this is not going to be the best choice given that it weighs around 100 lbs. But if you are willing to spend on something that gives you twice the value of your money then this is the excellent pick for practical buyers. We hope that you find this Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower review helpful as you shop for the best rower in the market; good luck!



What are the Benefits of Using a Rower and How Does it Help You

Rowing machines are pretty popular these days and if you have decided to join the bandwagon then you have made a good decision! Now if you are wondering what are the benefits of using a rower then let this article shed a light on that. If you want to know what they are then all you have to do is read this article, check it out!

Ready for Rowers

There are times when choosing an exercise program can be overwhelming especially if you have just started. However, it is still important to get in shape, right? So whether you like it or not, you need to pick an exercise routine that can do well for your body. If you have no idea what to choose, why not try using a rower? Rowing machines are great as they provide low impact exercises and can be done by anyone. Why you ask? It is because rowing machines simply copy the motion of a real rowing boat which makes it great equipment for total body workout. If you are aiming to lose weight or tone your body then this is a wonderful exercise equipment to use.

The Top Benefits of Rowing Machines

  1. It’s a great low-impact cardio exercise. If you have joint problems then you know that engaging in high-impact exercises is not the way to go but that doesn’t mean you can’t do any exercise at all. With a rowing machine, you can certainly do a low-impact exercise which is less painful to the joints.
  2. It’s a good workout for your upper body. With a rowing machine, muscles in your upper-body are utilized well. This is because it targets all the major muscles in your upper-body especially on the shoulders and upper back. With regular use, these muscles will be developed well and at the same time helps in reducing back pain. It also is great workout equipment for your pecs, abs and biceps while developing a stronger core muscle.
  3. It also benefits your lower body. Rowing machines help in developing the muscles in your thighs, calves and glutes. Now if you are after a toned body, this machine can develop those muscles and help you get a toner body in the long run.
  4. It helps you lose weight. With regular workout sessions, rowers can help you burn calories and increase your energy. An hour spent in the rowing machine can help burn 600 calories at least. Combine this with a healthy diet and lifestyle and you are on the road to a healthier weight.
  5. It helps in increasing your endurance. If you feel stressed or fatigued then rowing can help increase your stamina. It may be exhausting at first but the longer you use it, the more your body adjusts to it. Since it is an excellent cardio exercise, it does not only strengthen your heart but also helps in boosting your metabolism. This means you get more energy to do more.

Rowers are also easy to use. It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to row. In fact, if you have a good teacher or trainer to help you with rowing, you can easily learn it within 5 minutes! Rowers are also affordable and come with different types so you can choose the ones that will work for you. They can be cleaned easily and you can just store them away if you are not using them. They don’t take a lot of space in your home too so anyone can own a rower at home. Not only that, using a rowing machine is quite fun; you don’t have to dread the thought of it. Just ask those who have tried and enjoyed it and they will tell you that you won’t regretting buying one!

Before buying a rowing machine, make sure that you compare different rowers. This way you have options to choose from. Make sure to buy one from a trusted company too and always ensure your warranty as well. This way you have something to claim in case you need replacements for parts or frame.

So yes, using a rowing machine for exercise is an excellent choice. All you have to do is to enjoy every moment of it and if your goal is to stay fit then this is an awesome way to go. Go ahead and check out rowing machines today and see what are the benefits of using a rower can do for your body, enjoy!


Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Magnetic rowers are great as they provide smooth rowing experience. In case you are looking for a good brand of rowing machines with magnetic resistance then this Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine review will give you an insight on one of the best products in terms of exercising equipment today. Read more of the Stamina Avari in this article.

One of the most impressive rowing machines we’ve had the chance to see is the Stamina Avari. If you love intense workout sessions then this machine is the best way to go and spend your money with. In fact, it’s a very powerful rower that a lot of users have recommended it. It’s not only designed for your comfort but also to make your rowing experience as close as it can get to the real thing.

The Good Stuff

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine ReviewSo how effective is the Stamina Avari? The parts of this machine is designed and assembled upon delivery, this means that you don’t have to worry about assembling this machine on your own. However, there are some parts that need to be installed too like the front stand of the rower, the rails and its rowing mechanism but it’s not too tedious to do so you can say that it is easy to install. The maximum weight of this rower is around 275 lbs. so you can bet that anyone within this range of weight limit can use the rower. The seats are padded so you can do your sessions comfortably. The handgrips are padded well so you don’t have to worry about forming callouses on your hand. Other features of this rower are:

  • The LCD made by In-Touch Fitness Monitor is large and well-lit so even if you are doing your rows in a dim-lighted room, you can easily see the display. The display monitor shows your strokes per minute, power used and the heart rate so you can see how much you have progressed.
  • The Stamina Avari has built-in programs of 12 options so you can choose which program will work for you.
  • The control panel of this machine is easy to use. You don’t have to worry about operating this machine at all.
  • You can also choose the customized programs set on the machine.
  • The footplates are designed to make sure that your feet are secured while rowing.
  • A chest strap is also added to help monitor your heart rate.
  • Among the 12 options to choose from include: Manual mode, RollingHills mode, Fat Burn, Ramp, Interval and Mountain mode. There is also the Target Heart Rate mode and four user modes. The workout data includes a lot of choices to select from like pulse, distance, count, watt, calories, strokes per minute and time.

The Stamina Avari is designed with four custom user programs and six cardio programs that you can choose from. It also has one heart rate program and one manual program that the user can use. Basically, this rower can help you with whatever exercise you would like to do. With the 7 preset programs to choose from, you can have uninterrupted workout for your cardio without worries.

Advantages of the Stamina Avari:

  • There are plenty of built-in programs to choose from.
  • It’s easy to smooth and operate.
  • The frame is made with durable materials so you know for a fact that it can last for a long time.
  • The LCD display is lighted well so you have no problems looking at the console.
  • The monitor works well.
  • It can be easily assembled.
  • A chest strap is included in the machine.
  • It folds well and easily stored away after use.

Disadvantages of Stamina Avari:

  • The seats could use more pads so you can sit a bit more comfortable.
  • The warranty is limited only.
  • The rower is not for someone who is 6 feet and above.
  • It’s not as smooth as other rowers but workable.

Final Say

For something that is made with magnetic resistance, this machine works well. In fact, it’s pretty solid too not only that, this machine is made by a company that is known for their quality rowers and exercise equipment so you can say that this is an excellent piece of machine to have. It also mimics the actual feeling of real life rowers so you can say that this is the rower that can give you that. The machine is also packed with 12 programs to choose from so you know that this feature is not something you can easily ignore. Sure the seat may need a bit of padding but give it some time and you will adjust to it. Other than that, this rowing machine works perfectly fine. If you want something that is worth every penny then this Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine review is the best deal that you can find today. So choose wisely and make sure that you did your homework before purchasing any rowing machine. Good and enjoy shopping!





Very Helpful Tips in Buying a Secondhand Rowing Machine

Are you planning to buy a rowing machine but out of budget? Well, you can! How you ask? By buying a second hand rowing machines of course! However, you might think that a secondhand rowing machine is a waste of money, you are wrong. With proper assessment of the equipment and remembering these tips for buying secondhand rowing machines, you can definitely get your money’s worth. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Buy a Secondhand Rower and Spot the Difference

Assess the pre-owned machine. Any wise buyer knows that they must first check out the item before buying them. If you take your time when buying a new appliance then you should also do the same when buying a secondhand item. You can’t just make up your mind right away; you might be paying a piece of crap. You must check if there are any damages on the machine. See if the handles are still in good condition. See also if it still works the way a rower should so you don’t end up paying for a terrible deal. Check also the type or brand of the rowing machine you want to buy. Ask the previous owner as to how long it has been in their possession and if it is still under warranty. This way you can be sure if you can still avail of the warranty or not in case there are parts that need replacement.

It is also important to check the price of the secondhand rowing machine being sold. Some people might sell it at a higher amount than they actually purchased it. Be sure to take note of the row machine prices so you can see the difference. Keep in mind that this rower was used by someone else so you also have to make sure that you are actually getting the rower in good condition at a price that is also fair.

Don’t be hesitant to ask the owner questions; after all, you will be buying the machine so it is important that you ask the questions needed. Ask how long they have been using it and how often. Ask also if they have experienced any problems with the machine and if yes, ask what they did to resolve the issue. Don’t get excited right away if the price is sold right, although this is a normal reaction whenever you find good deals. You have to be careful when dealing with the seller too after all, you are spending money.

Of course, last but not the least, do your homework and by homework, I mean do some research before anything else. This way you have the idea on what kind of rower to look for, the type of rower you would like to have and where to find the best deals for secondhand rowers. This way you don’t end up spending money on garbage.

New Vs. Old Rowers

Buying a secondhand rower could be a great idea but you must also be aware of the pros and cons of it. By knowing the pros and cons can you determine if it is worth buying or not. Of course we know that new rowing machines are immaculate and untouched. If you buy a new one then you know for a fact that you are the first person to use it so it saves you from using broken equipment. However, new rowers can be costly too depending on the type and brand of the machine. They also need maintenance and proper care if you wish it to last for years.

Old rowers on the other hand are more practical. If you don’t have a budget then opting for a secondhand rowing machine is a good thing to do. They are cheap and easy to find however, secondhand rowers could come with broken parts. Some of them may not even be under a warranty anymore and others suffer wear and tear.

Rowing machines are great addition to your gym equipment. They help in boosting your energy, toning body, keeping your cardio running and staying fit. So whether you buy a new rower or not, the choice is yours. If you choose to buy a new one, great! You are now a proud owner of equipment that could last for years to come. However, if you choose to buy an old one, all you have to do is remember these tips in buying a secondhand rowing machine so you don’t pick the wrong ones in the future. We hope that you find this article helpful in choosing the best secondhand rowing machine, enjoy!






Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

Tired of the lame rowing machine you have at home? Perhaps you are looking for a rowing machine that can surpass your standards? If you are then the Stamina Precision 1205 Rower review will help introduce you to one of the best rowers in the market today. Hailed by many users, the Precision 1205 is definitely a rower you should look out for and if you want to know more about this wonderful rower, this article will shed some light on that. Check it out!

A great Workout Experience

For many years the Stamina rowers are well-known for their fine products. They are praised for their wonderful exercise equipment and have been delivering quality products for many years. Among their most popular products sold, the Stamina 1205 Precision rower is among the best rowers recommended by users today. This hydraulic-piston resistance rowing machine is offered at an affordable price at a performance that is not compromised. It is designed to be user-friendly which allows the user to make use of their upper body very well. The frames are created to be solid which gives this rower its advantage. However in order to truly decide if this is the rower for you, let this article be your guide.Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

So what makes the Stamina 1205 Precision rower special? Here’s why:

  • Compared to other rowers, this machine is easy to assemble. Though it may take around an hour to complete, you don’t have to ever disassemble it again. The seats are made padded so each user sits comfortably without any discomfort.
  • If you are less than 5’9” feet tall then this rower will suit you just fine but if you are taller than this height, all you have to do is adjust the rails. You may also find it hard to complete a full stroke but the foot plates are placed to strap your feet nicely so you don’t have to worry about sliding off.
  • The rails and frame of this rower is very solid. It is also made from sturdy materials so you know that you will be using this for quite some time.
  • The rower is under three years warranty and only weighs around 47 pounds. While the frames are given three years warranty, the parts however only have three months. So make sure that you don’t break any of its parts any time soon.
  • The display console of this rower is basic. It counts the stroke you made as well as the distance rowed. It also takes note of the calories you have burned and the speed you are going so you know how far you have rowed.
  • It also comes with a scan mode that displays the setting for at least six seconds before you can move on to the next.


  • The price is affordable compared to other types or brands of rowers.
  • The frames are made sturdy so you know for a fact that it’s heavy-duty.
  • It can be stored upright making this rower a compact machine.
  • It operates quietly.
  • It can be assembled easily.
  • It’s light to move or lift.
  • The seats are well-padded so you can do your workout comfortably.
  • The scan mode works really well.


  • The seat may be placed too low for tall users.
  • The consoled is nothing fancy compared to others that are designed to be modern and high-tech.
  • The rails are short for tall people.
  • Hydraulic resistance problems may be experienced along the way.
  • There are no wheels on the machine which makes moving more difficult.
  • The footrest feels difficult.
  • There are squeaking noises when used regularly.
  • The manual is confusing to read.

Final Thoughts

As a budget rower, this machine may work for those who are working on limited cash. It can be described as an “okay” rowing machine but nothing too ambitious. It cannot entirely help you in getting a toner body but it can help in shedding off a few pounds (if this is what you are aiming for). So if you want more from a rowing machine then this is not the rower we highly recommend. However, if you are someone who is looking for the most basic rower then this is the rowing machine to get. If you want to take rowing on another level then be ready to spend more. The Stamina 1205 Precision rower review is here to give you an idea about this rower but if it does not meet your standards then we recommend that you look for another option. We hope that you find this article helpful, good luck!



ProRower H2O RX-750 Review

if you want to know one good rower before you buy one then let this ProRower H2O RX-750 review teach what this machine is all about. Check it out for more information and see why plenty of people

Love the thought of working out but can’t seem to find the perfect exercise machine to use? If you are tired of using the same old boring treadmill then this is the rower you have been waiting for! So if you want to know one good rower before you buy one then let this ProRower H2O RX-750 review teach what this machine is all about. Check it out for more information and see why plenty of people recommend this rower.

What it’s All About?

Are you someone who is searching for an innovative rower but can’t seem to find what you are looking for? Your search is over, it’s done. The ProRower H20 RX-750 is the answer to your needs. Why you ask? This is because this rower is carefully designed to meet every user’s needs in terms of rowing machines. Designed to have water resistance, this is something that many professional trainers talk about. It actually feels like you are rowing on real water thanks to its Hydro-Power drive system that comes with a paddle and poly-carbonated water tank that you will surely enjoy.

However, there are a few things that you need to know about this rower, for one, resistance setting is not found in this rower. If you really want to achieve your rowing goals then all you have to do is to paddle even harder. It’s as simple as that really; no need to complicate your workout sessions. If you want to go slow then all you have to do is to paddle slower for that steady and relaxed workout. Besides being a simple rower that could meet your needs, it is also budget-friendly so you can surely afford a rower this good, don’t you think so?

if you want to know one good rower before you buy one then let this ProRower H2O RX-750 review teach what this machine is all about. Check it out for more information and see why plenty of people

Is that all there is?

If you want to know about this rower more then you will be happy to know that the performance monitor is excellent. Why? It is because this monitor is designed in a way that each data displayed can be read clearly and easily for the user. It basically tracks everything that you are doing in this rower from the strokes per minute, heart rate, distance you have rowed and the calories you have burned every minute.

As far as storing this rower goes, the RX-750 can easily fold. It’s also pretty small and perfect for any space you have at home or apartment. So this means that you can just fold and store it away after each use without any hassle. It also has dual caster wheels which make it a lot better to move around. Plus it’s only 65 pounds so not bad for such brilliant rower.

The frames of this rower is made to be sturdy so this means you can have as much exercise you want without worrying that this rower will buckle in the long run. Plus it’s more stable since it’s made to as a water resistance rowing machine. So you can work out smoothly and easily anytime you want.

The handles of this rower is also an excellent feature as it is designed to be ergonomically comfy to use. They can be adjusted easily and so are the foot rests so any user can adjust the sizes accordingly with ease.

For its weight capacity, the rower is able to carry around 350 lbs. of weight and if you are around these weight ranges then you will be happy to know that you can easily use this rowing machine. The RX-750 is under 2 years warranty for the parts and a lifetime warranty for the frames. Basically, you are getting all your money’s worth, right?

The Good and the Bad side of the ProRower H20 RX-750

If you want to know the good side of this rowing machine, here’s what we came up with:

  • It definitely mimics the water rowing action as if you are rowing on actual water.
  • It’s affordable for a water resistance rower.
  • It works perfectly and quietly so you don’t wake up your neighbors while you are working out.
  • The solid is well-made and not only that, the frame is backed up with a lifetime warranty.
  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • It’s easy and quick to store when it’s not in use.

The Bad News is:

  • It’s not for intense workouts or training athletes as the resistance may be weaker for those who are in training.
  • The bungee cord has been reported to snap after a few uses but since it has 2 years warranty on the parts, you can have them replaced.


If you are looking for something that is affordable but does not compromise on the function and design then this is the rower you are looking for. However if you have issues with how the resistance of this rower goes then this might not be for you especially if you are someone who is a level up in their work out sessions. It’s best to research more about the kind of rowing machine that you want so you don’t have to spend on something you don’t like. Budget-wise though, this is one of the best rowers you can get. We hope that you enjoyed this ProRower H20 RX-750 review, good luck with your shopping!





Lifespan Fitness RW1000 Review

Lifespan Fitness RW1000 Review

They say that all rowers are created the same but I beg to differ. There are other rowers out there that are created and designed to stand out from the rest and if you happen to be looking for the best deals in rowers then this Lifespan Fitness RW1000 review will surely help you understand why this rowing machine is something you should buy. To know more about this awesome rower, all you have to do is check out this article.

Learning About Lifespan Fitness RW1000

For those of you who are not aware of this rower, the Lifespan Fitness RW1000 is actually an award-winning rowing machine that is designed for those who are looking for mid-range rowers. They are very helpful in shaping your arms and legs and is designed specifically to be quiet and comfortable when in use. Now you can easily drop weight and stay as fit as you want to be with this rowing machine anytime, anywhere.

Key Features of the RW1000Lifespan Fitness RW1000 Review

At first glance, you will think that this rower is common as it is also designed to slide along the rails but it is pretty solid and well-built. You can even complete the assembly of this machine within 20-30 minutes give and take. So what else makes this rowing machine excellent for your daily exercise routine? Here are some of the amazing features:

  • For those of you who are keeping track of your daily progress, you will be happy to know that the RW1000 is designed with a monitor console placed below its rowing handles. This monitor is powered with one AA battery and shows off your distance, strokes per minute and count, the calories you have burned and time you have been working out. The displayed numbers are designed to be large enough so it’s easy on the eyes of the user. It also starts working the moment you activate your rowing machine however, the display will go into sleep mode within 4 minutes of inactivity.
  • The flywheel of this rower is made to be very smooth and quiet, thanks to its drive system. The belt of the rower doesn’t slack even when you are under intense workout sessions. It can also be controlled by the performance monitor where in you can choose the resistance levels. This can only be changed whenever the rower is stopped.
  • Storing this rowing machine is easy as it can fold easily without using any tools. All you have to do is remove the seat and locking pin, fold it and place the locking pin again for safety storage. The wheels added to this rower add ease as you can move it around. So you don’t have to think about where to keep this rower as it can be folded and stored away easily.
  • The seats are also padded so sitting when working out is comfortable. It can also be adjusted to 14.5 inches and has a sliding steel rail that is about 53 inches in length.
  • The flywheel of this rower is about 16.5 pounds and is made to have electromagnetic resistance and an eddy current brake.
  • The footplates of this machine are made with Velcro foot straps. These help provide natural leg movement for the user’s foot.
  • The hand grips are designed to be padded and secure so each user can work with ease and at the same time avoid callous formation.
  • The rower is under one year warranty for labor and two years for the parts. The frames on the other hand is given 5 years warranty.
  • The total weight for the machine is only 55 pounds so you can move it around wherever you want to do your exercise.

The Good Side of the RW 1000

  • It’s very stable and reliable with sturdy steel frames to go along with.
  • It’s very comfortable and quiet when in use.
  • The resistance levels can be adjusted easily and you have 5 options to choose from.
  • It’s easy to assemble and store thanks to its transport wheels.
  • It’s easy on the joints as it provides low-impact rowing motion when rowing.
  • The warranty is very generous.
  • It can accommodate tall and short users.

The Bad Side of RW 1000

  • The foot rest is a bit weak on the heel support.
  • The monitor only has basic functions so don’t expect it to be something very modern.
  • It may not work for those who are looking intense training or workout sessions.
  • There might be issues with the calorie counter.

Last Thoughts

For something that is mid-range, this rower is pretty well-built. Plenty of users have praised it for its excellent rowing motion. The seats are also comfortable and it’s very quiet when in use. It’s suitable for those who are aiming to lose weight, stay fit and have regular exercise routines. However don’t expect much from this rower as it doesn’t fit those who are looking for intense workouts. It’s highly recommended for those who are looking for rowers to be used at home. So there you go, a rower that is suited for those who are always on the go, we hope that you find this Lifespan Fitness RW1000 review as helpful. Enjoy your workout and good luck!


How to Use a Rowing Machine Effectively and Easily

How rowing machines can improve your abs

We all love good exercise equipment but it’s a rare to find an equipment that you would love to use for a long time. Now if you are for that particular equipment to use while exercising, we recommend that you try a rowing machine. So what is a rowing machine and how does it work? To simply put it, this article will provide you with the information you need on this machine and how to use a rowing machine effectively so do read on for more important tips!

Truth is a lot of people are still hesitant to try rowing machines. Why? This is because they think that it is a complicated machine to use and so they settle to the next best thing that they know how to operate. Now if you are planning to get a rower, you need to understand how this works. Here are some of the important things that you need to remember when using a rowing machine.

How to Use a Rowing Machine Effectively

Easy Steps on How to Use a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are quite easy to use so don’t be worried about it. If you have a rower but never used it or if this is your first time to ever use one, here are some easy tips that you can use on how to use it:

  • First, begin by placing your feet into the pads or foot pedals and strap them securely. Make sure that the strap is across your foot bed and is tight enough so your foot does not slip or slide while working out. Sit comfortably on the rower’s seat.
  • From this point, you can then bring your knees up and grab hold of the handlebar that is in front of the machine. Your body or torso must be tilted slightly forward while keeping a straight spine. Make sure also that you arch your back in a good posture.
  • Push off the footplate and focus on your core muscles. Lean backward in a 45 degree angle while pulling the handlebar back towards you. Make sure to hit your chest with it lightly.
  • Work your shoulders too. Keep the blades of your shoulders together as you maintain your body up in a slight angle.
  • Reverse the same movement back up. Extend your arms out first and make sure to start pulling your torso forward while bending your knees. Bring your legs up on top of the machine and repeat.

Another way to learn how to use a rowing machine is through video tutorials. This is also a great way to learn rowing as you are shown what to do. If you don’t have any access to video tutorials, you can also ask a trainer to teach you how to row. They are trained and certified to provide you with the right movements and instructions to follow on how to use this machine.

You can also enroll in a rowing class if you have the time to do so. This way you can learn well from firsthand experience.

The Ample Benefits of Rowing Machines

There are plenty of things to gain from using rowing machines. For one, it is a great way to keep your cardio workout pumping. When your heart is strengthened, you are more likely to have a strong heart, free of any illnesses. It can also help in toning your body in a less painful way. While there are plenty of workout routines that could almost “kill” you, using a rowing machine gives you the chance to enjoy low-impact exercises without putting too much stress on your body. It is also better than running as it makes use of all the important muscle groups that you have. It is also a great way to relieve stress so if you are having a bad day after work, you can always sit on your rower and row your worries away. When you are stress-free, you are happy.

Final Thoughts

Rowers might be a bit intimidating at first but it can definitely give you the results you are looking for. It is also very easy to learn. So there is no need to worry about that and who says that rowers cannot give you all of these benefits? Perhaps you should try one today and see how it works out for you. Just make sure that the machine you pick is under warranty on parts and frame. This way you can say that you did not waste your money on something useless. So enjoy your workout out and reap the benefits!

How to Get the Best from Your Rowing Machine Workouts and Enjoy from It


Working out and staying in fit is not always easy but with proper techniques and exercises, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best results. That is why if you are aiming for greatness, you need to use a rowing machine. But how to get the best from your rowing machine without too much effort is always the question on everyone’s mind. Perhaps they are hesitant to use it since they don’t know how but if you already have an idea how rowers work then this should be easy on you. However, we all want the best in terms of exercising so in this article we will talk about how you can maximize your workout sessions with rowing machines and benefit from them. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have fun while exercising, so make sure that you remember these tips.

How to Get the Best from Your Rowing Machine Workouts and Enjoy from It

Working out like a Pro

In order for you to get the best workout you need to make sure that you start it right. Knowing the different positions that you can do when using a rower can definitely make a difference. Here’s how:

  • Begin by making sure that your feet are securely strapped in. This will make sure that your feet don’t fall off as you are sliding. Make sure that they are tight enough too so you can focus on your movements.
  • Grab the handlebars and grip them firmly. Make sure that your wrists are parallel with your arms so it will be easy to extend them outwards and towards your foot area.
  • As you slide down towards your feet, make sure that your legs are vertical. Lean slightly forward at your hips the moment you start rowing.

There are four phases that you should be aware of when you are rowing. You have the drive position, catching position, recovering and finishing positions. Here’s how to do them:

Drive Position

To do the driving position, all you have to do is to lean forward as you begin pushing both of your legs to extend and slide your body. You will focus more of your energy on your legs then towards your arms and hands as you go along. Make sure that you are gripping those handles well too. Tightening your core as you go is also a good way to go so your back is not strained. As you slide, make sure that your legs are fully extended but not fully straightened out. Keep your knees bended slightly and avoid locking them together. Always lean backwards with your shoulders straight.

Finishing Position

Once your legs are extended, lean slightly backwards. Bend your arms and elbows as you pull the row handles towards your abdomen. A burning sensation in your arms may be felt during this position but this is normal. Make sure to keep your legs extended as you lean back. Make sure also that you lean back with your hips and not your shoulders. This is a good position to focus the exercise on your abdomen.

Recovering Position

This position is your transition from the finishing position. This is done by straightening your arms and extending them forward as you push the handles back from the starting point. This is also the part where you will be resetting the motion for your next repetition. Next, tilt forward at the hip area. Make sure to lean a bit forward too. This is the part where you will be extending yourself and is a good time to adjust your position to the machine so it can follow or fit your height. Slowly bend your knees as your arms extended and as your upper body is leaning towards the rower. Make sure to move forward just as you in the same position as you have started.

Catch Position

During this position, you will be starting your next stroke. This position will also be starting position as you begin to repeat your next round. To do this, you need to extend your arms and keep your wrists and hands straight. Slide forward until your legs are almost vertical then tilt your body at the hip part. Slightly lean forward and be ready for your next drive. This is now a complete and full repetition; all you have to do is keep doing this until you are able to catch your pace.

So you see, working out on the rower is very easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated too; you just have to enjoy it. How to get the best from your rowing machine is easy and can be done accordingly. You can also watch video tutorials on different strokes, this way you can expand your workout sessions and get better results.


How Rowing Machines Compared with Other Fitness Equipment Fair in Real Life


Are you looking for a great exercise equipment to use? Are you tired of the old treadmill and are looking for a more challenging equipment to use? If you are then you better get a rowing machine! Now why should you get a rowing machine? Is it really different among other types of exercise equipment? To answer your questions, this article will show you how rowing machines compared with other fitness equipment fair when being used so sit back, relax and take note of these helpful tips.

Exercising Options

These days, anyone who wants to stay fit can now choose a wide variety of exercising machines to help them achieve the results they are aiming for. One of the most common equipment used for exercising these days is the rowing machine. This wonderful machine is designed to combine exercises that help build strength as well as an excellent way to do your cardio workouts. While this machine has it’s pros and cons, we can still say that rowing machines are great choices compared to other types of exercise equipment or exercise routines.

Rowing Machines Compared to Stationary Bikes

How Rowing Machines Compared with Other Fitness Equipment Fair in Real Life

Stationary bikes are great when you are toning your legs. They are easy on the joints too because you are not making any hard contact with the ground compared to using a real bicycle. They also help you burn calories of up to 240 within the 13 miles you have pedaled. However, rowing machines work just the same but with the exception that you make use of other muscle groups. A rowing machine still allows you to burn more calories while performing a low-impact workout and not just building strength on your legs alone.

On Treadmills and Ellipticals

On Treadmills and Ellipticals

Besides the stationary bikes, treadmills and ellipticals are also great choices for workouts. Working or walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes allows you to burn around 120 calories. Ellipticals are also great but instead of moving on your own, you move with the machine. They can also help burn around 270 calories every 30 minutes of use. Rowing machines on the other hand can help you lose around 255 calories while putting lesser stress on your joints as it helps build muscles. It also helps in strengthening your heart rate which is essential in your heart’s health.

Sports Vs. Rowing Machines

It is a fact that a lot of athletes these days make use of rowing machines as part of their training. While joining any sport will help you lose weight, rowing machines can do the same. A 30 minute dance class can help you lose around 90 to 180 calories while rowing machines can help you burn 135 to 150 calories per 30 minutes of use. Sounds about the same, right? The only difference is that you put lesser stress on your body but at the same time lose the same amount of calories when you are using a rowing machine. Not only that, rowing machines are less dangerous compared to sports; the risk of having injuries is very little and all you have to do is sit comfortably as you do your rows that are low to the ground at your own place, time, pace and convenience.

The Advantages of Using a Rowing Machine

If you think about it, using rowing machines compared to other exercise equipment or sports is more practical. Why? This is because you are using safe equipment and you don’t have to keep up with the pace of the sport or game that you are doing just so you can get the results. With rowing machines, you can easily glide and row according to your pace and strength without using too much effort like running or walking on treadmills. You can also choose the pace that you want to follow and not worry about finishing the sport on time. Rowing machines are more practical and safer to use if you ask me.


So if you are wondering how rowing machines compared with other fitness equipment fair, I say it works really well. You don’t have to travel or wake up early to play your sport. You don’t have to run a lot on your treadmill so you can burn calories. All you have to do is sit comfortably and let your body follow the flow of the rowing machine. You also have options as to whether you take it slow or fast as you are working out. Now that’s something you don’t have to punish yourself to do every day, don’t you think so?

Whether you choose to workout in a treadmill, do sports or use rowers, what’s important is to understand and learn what these machines can do to help you. By the end of the day, the choice is still yours. So make sure that the exercise machine you chose to use is something you truly want. This way you don’t have to waste your time.